Goggles for Open Faced Helmets. You’ve bought that vintage Lambretta or Vespa why spoil it with a cheap pair of Goggles?

Vintage bikes and scooters are back with a bang so why, when you have spent all that money, spoil things with a cheap pair of Goggles. Lambretta’s Italian heritage demands a pair of Goggles from the same era and most importantly the same country. Nannini have been making vintage leather goggles for open faced helmets since the 1960′s so they know a thing or two about what’s required.

Most open faced helmets need a goggle with the correct amount of depth to the frame to make a secure wind and weather proof fit to the face. Nannini’s product range bridges all eras from Vintage Classics like the TT, Cruiser or Biker all available in a choice of frame finish, chrome, ruthenium or brass to the more retro Hot Rods of today.

Nannini Biker - Ruthenium Finish

Leather colours of black or brown and one of the unique Nannini innovations developed in the 60′s and still sought after today, interchangeable lenses.
Goggleyes, Nannini’s UK distributor carry a full range of Nannini Goggles and the replacements lenses.

Full range of replacement lenses



Wear glasses and need to see where you are going with your goggles on?

No problem, don’t waste your time trying to find goggles that will fit over your glasses, most of the Nannini range includes an easy fit internal prescription lens frame which is provided with a lens template for you to take to your optician and have him fit lenses to your exact prescription.


Style and Choice.
Now this always comes down to personal choice. All we can advise is what previous customers have chosen.
Harley Davidson Bikers tend to go for the more retro Streetfighter or Hot Rod’s as shown here

Vespa & Lambretta Riders seem to prefer the more traditional Cruisers which to be fair really look the part with the open faced helmet and parker..


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