Bolle Rogue Tactical Glasses: How to change the lens

Bolle Rogue Tactical glasses were selected by Goggleyes to include in our shooting range because of the ease of changing the lenses. The Rogue Kit ref ROGKIT is a fantastic product and at less than £40.00 is a real bargain. The kit features a superb carry case, interchangeable lenses, Clear (ESP) as shown, Smoke and Low Light Yellow all which are neatly housed in their own pockets within the case for protection and cleaning.

Lens Changing

Step 1 Releasing the Bolle Rogue Clear ESP Lens from the frame









Take a firm grip of the frame and pull the lower part of the frame near the nose support away from the lens. Do not try and release the lens from the arm hinge end.

Step 2 Extracting the Bolle Rogue Lens from the frame









Grip the edges of the lens and with a sliding motion pull the lens out of the frame towards the nose bridge. This will allow the fixing tab to slide out of the hinge frame end.

Step 3 Inserting the Bolle Rogue Smoke Lens









Now slide the alternative lens back into the location point near the arm hinge in the frame and putting your fingers behind the frame for support use your thumb to click the frame into position in the frame.







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