Nanini Golf Eyewear; Makes Even Argyle Look Good

Is golf cool? The majority of people would probably say no.  Those people probably haven’t played a round in their lives or have no interest in doing so.  Most people see golf as a hobby, not even a sport, for retired business men.  But, in golf clubs across the country there are an up and coming group of young golfers who think golf is cool.  There are 20-somethings that meet for a 4 ball and enjoy the mind game that is golf.  They understand the small margin of error that will result in a great shot or a poor shot.  Gone are the days of short trousers, argyle tank tops and long socks.  Golf wear is now stylish and fashionable, in fact golf wear itself is now cool.  The new thing on the green is fashionable golf eyewear, there’s no more squinting in to the sky to follow that 300 yard drive that you’ve smashed.  That’s because Nannini have done it again, developing two unique lens designs through testing and research with sports enthusiasts who know what they want. Using the Modular 4 Frame they have developed a unique lens shape and specially selected lens colour to reduce glare and enhance vision on the golf course. Tested and used by golf professionals this light weight frame gives superb performance.

But that’s not all, change sports or hobby and you may also need to modify your lens to suit. Just by a quick change of lens style and shape you now have access to the trend lenses which you can hang on the same Modular 4 frame. Trend lens colours have been selected and tested in several environments where the reduction of wind and drafts on the eyeball is essential to aid vision. From Snow Boarding to Shooting the full wrap around wind reducing profile of the Trend lenses will provide you with a miriad of choice, style and performance.

So next time when you’re packing your golf bag, make sure Nanini’s Modular 4 Swing glasses are at the top of your list.  Set the president of cool.

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