Love to Cook? Struggle to See the Recipe? Let Goggleyes Help.

Keeping a sharp eye on things with Nannini

Fold-flat glasses aren’t just for using in the office or reading the morning paper.  These versatile glasses are ideal to use in the kitchen.  Light and compact, you can focus more on your culinary flare than standard reading glasses fogging up on your face.

With many people using tablets such as iPads or Kindles as recipe books these days, being able to read the recipe is vital to cooking success.

That, and drinking wine as you go, well, if it was good enough for most TV cooks !!!…….

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Having a pair of Nannini’s close by will mean that you can read anything with ease.  What’s more, they’re easily wiped clean or washed under the tap if there are any splashes from your newest concoction.  As with all your other vital kitchen tools, some soapy water is no problem for the durably perspex of Nannini’s frames.  They can be kept in your ‘man draw’ or perfectly organised kitchen draw or tucked away in that top pocket because of there unique “fold flat” design.

These glasses aren’t just ideal for the home cook, they’re perfect for the professional chef.  Nannini glasses will give you perfect vision to make sure every dish leaves your kitchen looking restaurant critic worthy. Being fold-able and  compact means that they are the perfect companion to any dish.

With a range of styles and colours there are a pair of Nannins for every taste out there.

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