Around the World in 80 Pairs of Glasses

Passport; check.  Tickets; check.  Money; check.  Ridiculous weight restrictions on both check in and, especially, hand luggage bags; check and check.  These are the top 4 things people think about when they are packing for holiday.  Closely followed by sun cream, glasses; both reading and sun glasses and the obvious; clothes, hats shoes etc.

Glasses, an integral item in holiday necessities, often at £300+ a pair, are thrown in a case or handbag and forgotten about until you’re alleviating boredom on the plane or, during that unfamiliar feeling (if you’re British) of a bright light when the sun hits your face as you leave the plane and you grab for your sunnies.  Do you want to take your designer specs abroad or any time that you’re travelling?  Do you want to risk sand scratches on your Ray Ban’s?  I’m guessing not.  What about if you could have a pair of fold flat reading glasses?  In fact, what about if you could have 2 or 3 pairs all different colours and a pair of fold flat sunglasses for a quarter of the price of your designer “face furniture”? Match your flip flops to your glasses, match your shirts to your frames.  Don’t worry about not being able to find a place to put them, Nanini Fold Flat Readers and Sun Readers are the perfect solution for any holiday maker.  Not only are they light, they’re durable, stylish and slim enough to fit in any top pocket or smallest of handbags.  What happens if you lose a pair?  It will obviously be an annoyance, but not like the inconvenience of losing the only pair you’ve brought.  As, with chic eye wear comes very affordable prices enabling you to buy and pack at least 2 pairs which will fit in half of the space you’d need for a conventional pair of reading glasses or sunglasses.

Solemio Sunglasses Black-Grey lens

Whilst on the topic of sunglasses, Nanini have a range of either Sun Readers so you don’t have to put that book down whilst you catch the rays as well as conventional sunglasses; Solemio’s.

Both have the unique feature of folding flat so the sunglasses cases, which can often be bulky and annoying, could become a thing of the past. Another plus of having multiple pairs of fold flat glasses is that you can have a pair in your bag or case and a pair in your car.  Everyone can relate to that feeling, actually more of a physical depression than a feeling.  It feels like you’ve traveled for the whole of your life, your holiday is a distant memory, you’ve sat in a confined space breathing recycled air wondering if the screaming child in front of you was there by some sort of divine “karma-vention”.  You sit in your car, about to programme your sat nav before you drive and your glasses are in the suitcase in the boot, buried under a fortnight’s worth of washing.  Unless, you have a pair of Nanini’s in your car door.  The great thing about this brand of glasses is that you can have them all over your home, at work and in the car without even realising they’re there.

Nanini eye wear – it’s the obvious choice.


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