Keep Your Eye on Autumn Winter Fashion Trends

From London, to Paris, to Milan and finally New York! New York!  The word is out on the hottest fashion trends for Autumn/Winter.  Amid the deep V plunges adorning every neck line, to the ostrich feathers and tartan fabrics, there’s one key element that is consistent with them all; COLOUR!

New York Fashion Week was awash with “Yves Klein Blue” the vivid hue of electric blue fabric was hanging off every model.  In Milan, pinks and reds were said to “bring the forthcoming Autumn a warm glow”.  The question is, can the average Sue Bloggs afford the price tags of fashion week?  Even if we could, would we want an item of clothing that bespoke of trend hanging in our wardrobes forever more?  I personally think not.  However, there may be a way around this.  There’s one thing that adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any clothing ensemble, and that is accessories!  Timeless, interchangeable, good old reliable accessories.  As Tom Ford once said “The thing about eyewear is that it is so potent,…There are very few accessories that, if you were not wearing anything, if you put on they would take you to a whole era. You could look the Thirties, the Fifties, and the Nineties just by your eyewear. It’s like a pair of shoes because it is sculptural. It exists without a face. It tells a lot about where you are architecturally or aesthetically in a particular period in time.” 

With that being said, look no further, (unless you need glasses to read, then you should definitely look on!) Goggleyes reading glasses are the only thing you need this Autumn/Winter to bring a little New York, Milan or Paris in to your smallest handbag and on to your face.  Light, compact and wafer thin, Nanini readers are effortlessly stylish.  What’s more, there are several colours and styles to meet your mood.  It’s time to make an impact with just what you’re wearing on your nose.

These glasses have changeable arms so you can accessorise any outfit to match your colour trend.  They come in clear, blue, black, red or to continue with the Fashion Week trend of animal print, there is a tortoise shell option too.

Going back to Tom Ford’s wise words about eyewear; Goggleyes can easily take you back to an era of choice.  With Nanini’s range of 202′s you can wear the ‘cat’s eye frames of the 50′s’ in the 21st century.  This trend has been big over the summer with sunglasses.  But now, the sun doesn’t have to shine for you to look fabulous.There are blue, orange and tortoise shell options.  All compact and foldable for the smallest of clutch bags.  During the agonising process of ‘clutch packing’ for a dinner out, don’t chose your lipstick over your eyewear, that menu won’t read itself!  You can go out in your favourite dress knowing that at dinner your glasses won’t compromise your style.  As every fashionista knows “Fashion’s fade; style is eternal” Yves Saint Laurent.








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