Westmog Morgan Three Wheeler and Nannini Hot Rod Goggles. A marriage made in heaven

When Robert Stennett (Westmog Web Site) contacted us recently to replace his old worn goggles, we were intrigued and a little embarrassed that we had missed the obvious connection and use for the Hot Rods with the iconic Morgan Three Wheeler.

Up until December 2014 Rob was an aircraft engineer with a major UK airline .

Rob at Work

He started as an aircraft apprentice with BOAC and left in December 2014 after 44 years. Robert lives in rural North West Devon near the Cornish border. There was an immediate connection between us, as we chatted, as my son David, flies Jumbo Jets for a large UK airline as well. And yes Robert, I have already tried to get him to buy himself/me a Mog but no luck as yet. He’s still too struck with his Triumph Bonneville.

David at Work

Here were Robert’ comments having received his Hot Rod’s.

Most modern goggles look out of place with a leather flying helmet but replacing the tired Halcyon’s with a pair exactly the same seemed as boring as it was inevitable.

These are a modern lightweight take on traditional goggles but close enough to compliment a leather flying helmet. The slight steampunk look places them at the Japanese sniper end of the goggle spectrum. My only reservation is the polycarbonate lenses but they are not overly expensive, come in various tints and are easy to fit.

 Latest Update 27th April
Hi Mark
Just to let you know the Hot Rod goggles are working out very well for driving the Morgan. Certainly don’t look out of place and has been nice to wear something
lighter now the weather is improving.



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Want to but reading glasses on line but don’t know my dioptre

The ever increasing trend of on- line shopping has started to have an impact on the optical market with more and more people beginning to question the cost of buying reading glasses from an optician. Now that doesn’t mean we are advocating that you shouldn’t visit your optician, far from it. ,However once you have established that there is nothing wrong with your eyes other than a bit of old age related presbyopia, (basically not being able to read the date on your watch or a book unless someone holds it at a distance for you) then there is nothing to stop you buying ready readers (magnifying lenses) on-line.

The advantage of that first visit to your optician will also allow you to establish the dioptre that you need, usually +1.0 for starters. BUT if you’re already tempted to buy on-line and you are pretty confident there is nothing wrong with your eyes that a bit of help (magnification) won’t put right, then the first step is to assess what magnification strength, or dioptre you need.

Well to assist, we’ve produced a simple enough sheet of A4 paper for you to download. Just go to the goggleyes home page and at the bottom of the page you will find our dioptre chooser. It’s under the range of Goggles and the quick finder section for our full range of glasses, sunglasses and biker goggles. All manufactured by Nannini our Italian manufacturing partner. To make it easy just click on the home page image shown here. It might not look the same, as we do change it quite regularly, but we always leave the dioptre chooser in place for you.



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